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Our main research focusses on the developement of design and engineering technologies for manufacturing purposes. 
In the fast moving world of technology there is not much that is more important than innovation. It is about an idea, about more effective devices or processes. Advantages in this field of study can take the industrial processes to another level of commercial and ecological efficiency. 
The source of innovation can be of two different types. First by chance or a failure that leads to an innovative technology and second by a focussed effort. The project CoI-DEM was founded to take this challenging task.
Our different fields of study are arranged in this Menu. Go on for find out about our efforts.


  • Equipment

    For our research the CoI-DEM is equipped with different types of machines and technologies. Beside 3D-sintering, robotics, Milling and lathing the CoI-DEM has a high variety of professions and machines.




  • Projects

    Our research is divided in different projects to achieve our aimes by the help of carefully planned structures and procedures. In this subcategory you can find a description of our projects, their perspectives and aim. 



  • Events

    Different Events like trainings and openings were provided by CoI-DEM. Find out about our events of the past and in the future.





  • Publications


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