Alain Galerie Symposium on High Temperature Corrosion
July 9, 2018

9th floor, STRI Building, KMUTNB 1518 Pracharat 1 Road, Wongsawang, Bangsue, Bangkok 10800
Organiser: King Mongkut's University of Technology North Bangkok (KMUTNB) 

The workshop, “Alain Galerie Symposium on High Temperature Corrosion”, will be held with admiration and respect to Professor Alain Galerie, a senior researcher who has been extensively recognized through the world on High Temperature Corrosion. Professor Alain Galerie has been dedicating himself working on countless researches which are exceptionally beneficial to the world.

For King Mongkut’s University of Technology North Bangkok, there is a group of high temperature corrosion consisting of 3 university lecturers graduated with a doctoral degree under Professor Alain Galerie’s advice and guidance, as a thesis examiner, at Grenoble INP in France. Furthermore, Professor Alain Galerie has been carrying on and giving assistance to apprenticing of 2 professors and a master’s student. What he has devoted brings plentiful benefits for researches, industrial development in conjunction with technology on high temperature corrosion in Southeast Asia region.

Additionally, at this time, King Mongkut’s University of Technology North Bangkok has been working on higher education level for society through scientific and technological researches for 60 years. King Mongkut’s University of Technology North Bangkok values the opportunity to distribute works and researches on high temperature corrosion. The workshop will be held to pay honor to Professor Alain Galerie. Foreign lecturers from France and Japan as well as scientific and technological personnel from national industrial sectors are also invited to participate and contribute their knowledge and experiences. This aims to develop and strengthen Thailand industrial sector, as well as reinforcing networking connection among international researchers throughout the world.